Friday, January 1, 2010

Reflections of a Quiet Storm
Patricia A. Bridewell, Author

Based on a true life story, Reflections of a Quiet Storm is a heart warming story about a woman’s devout faith in God, strength, and courage.

After a near fatal accident, Pauline Bridges, CEO and business owner, has a life-changing experience. God begins to reveal her past. Her story unfolds through a long journey; a pathway that unveils many secrets. Memories, flashbacks, and dreams bring visions of a brutal past. Chronicled in a series of stories, all replay in her mind daily. The torment of an ex-husband’s infidelity and drug abuse, a rape, and the unsolved murder of her former boss, trace just the edges of her pain. Pauline’s faith is challenged as she fights to free herself from the past, deal with family crises, and move forward. Then, Keith Maris steps into her life at a time of deep despair. Will her faith in God and Keith’s support nourish her through a turbulent era in her life?

Patricia A. Bridewell

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I am a Christian Fiction writer, adjunct college professor, mental health nurse, and mother of two. Approximately five years ago I started journaling as a form of therapy. Writing a novel was a gift from God--not something I had planned to do. While sitting in front of my computer one day, perusing my notes, I developed my first novel, "Reflections of a Quiet Storm." After writing 9 chapters, I stuffed the manuscript in a drawer and it stayed there for six months. The story, based on some of my true life experiences, strummed too many painful chords--loud and clear. Through the Lord's compassionate guidance, I completed the manuscript and submitted it to two publishers. Jessica Tilles, Chief Editor and owner of XYP, published the novel in March 2009.

Book Reviews

"Abuse, rape, and some family secrets come out as she grapples with different crises in her family, but Bridewell writes about them with a flow that kept me turning the pages with good storytelling." The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

"Bridewell takes us through a journey of past events in this exciting novel. "
African Americans On The Move Book Club
"Reflections of a Quiet Storm gives you the inspiration to keep reading, keep going, and keep moving toward something better--a better future and a better you."
The African-American Literature Review
"The message behind the novel was wonderful. There was absolutely nothing that I didn't like about this book. Great Job!" Readers With Attitude Book Club

"Author, Patricia A. Bridewell has penned a winner! This book brings back that good old fashioned storytelling with a solid storyline and excellent transitions."
Sisterhood Book Club

Black Pearl Top Book Award - 2009
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